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Terms and Conditions and How to Use this Site 

1) Inquiries Must be Legal & Age Appropriate.

  • No Profanity
  • No pornography
  • No alcohol
  • No tobacco
  • No drugs (of any kind)
  • No firearms or other weapons

2) No Politics or Religion

3) No Spam

4) No personal attacks, rudeness or ethnic slurs

5) SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR POSTS. Use something to make it easy for others to view what you have available or are looking for.  Example:   Table

6) DESCRIPTION OF ITEM:  Be as specific as you can of what you are looking for or have available so that the responses you receive are as appropriate as possible.  

  • What is the item? 
  • What area is the item located in?  
  • Is there a time frame that you are working within?
  • Does the other party need to pick up the item or do you deliver?  (Be aware of the risk of having unknown people coming to your home to pick up items.   WE ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS RISK.)

Example of Description:  I have a kitchen table available for Free.  It is wood and has one leaf for expansion.   The wood is dark brown.  The table is in reasonable condition but could use some tender loving care.  This is the table only and does not include chairs.   The table is located in the north end of the city and must be picked up.  I would like to get rid of this item by Saturday if possible. 

7) CONTACT INFORMATION:  BEWARE!  Do not post your telephone number, email address or physical address in your description as this information will be posted online for anyone to view.  If someone wishes to contact you there is an email reply form that they can send a message directly to you for completion of any transactions.   At that time you will be corresponding with them directly and can reveal your contact information.

8) Violations of the terms and conditions will result in the user not having access to use this site. 

9) To report violations of these terms and conditions please send a feedback message to the web master of this site.   A feedback form is available at the bottom of any of the pages of this site.

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